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1.4 billion Chinese people, 18.25% of world population, which is 3.24 times of EU, and 4.35 times of US. This means:
1. large population resources,
2. large consumption market,
3. low labor costs.

Great Quantity Demand

1. USD6.98 trillion retail amount of China consumption goods in 2021;
2. 12.5% annual growth rate of China retail;
3. USD2.1 trillion online retail amount, 14.1% growth rate.

Rapid Chinese marketing development

1. USD2.69 trillion amount of imports in 2021;
2. Over 21% growth of imports each year;
3. China largest partners are in Southeast Asia, EU, US, Japan, S.Korea.

Strong Consumption Ability

In recent years, the purchasing capacity of Chinese people has grown rapidly, and they have become major buyers in the most luxury brand market.

Low Logistics Costs

Because of China’s relatively dense population, logistics efficiency is high, labor and logistics costs are low, cost-effective.  

Stable Investment Environment

Most foreign firms have maintained a positive development trend in China and they are optimistic about the growth potential of the Chinese market.

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