Chinese Market Research

Market Research in China

Eubiz agency provides a broad range of China marketing research services which fits to the needs of each business and data collection, makes the most accurate market research and insights for your Chinese marketing strategy. Our market research capability covers a whole of China with multiple industries. This is enable to tailor solution for your projects.

Providing you executable insights of China market research

Our final target of market research is provide important strategy and impetus of growth to your business operations in China. These include multiple dimensions that how the prospects of your products are in China market, who are your competitors in China, where are your customers, what is your advantage in China, how to operate your business to succeed in China.

Why do you need market research in China?

Market research in China

1. Optimize your products or service in China market

It requires a advancing market intuition and localization strategy when you plan your Chinese business or launch your products in China. Your business strategy plan will be better if you research the market thoroughly.

2. Analyze your industry and size your market in China

When you plan to come to a new market, the first plan should be known your real market potential in China. For a long-term players based in China, evaluating the market size will be essential when setting more tactical issues.

3. Identify your key consumers in China

Find out where your most consumers are from, which cities, which age group, from social media, shopping platforms, post websites, or video websites, how to reach and interact with them, how to support your services or purchase your products, etc.

4. Learn your competitors in China

What do you know about your competitors in China? Market research should includes the analysis of your competitors. You have to learn who are your competitors, how many competitors are in China, how are their marketing and sales strategies, what is your advantages. Eubiz uses proven methodologies for the analysis of your key competitors, and design the most adapted unique marketing strategy and selling proposals for you in China.

5. Plan your distribution network in China

The integration of China’s distribution network for international brands has proved to imply very challenges. Generally speaking, the boom of e-commerce and internet technology has huger changes in the traditional channels of distributions of goods and services in China market. Learning these new dynamics and how to interact with your potential customers will be crucial to your strategy in China.

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