baidu search engine advertising marketing

Baidu Search Engine Advertising Marketing

What is Baidu search engine

Baidu search engine (百度搜索 is the leading Chinese website and search engine in China. You can imagine it as China’s Google. Baidu is one of the largest internet technology companies in the world and was incorporated in Beijing in 2000.

Baidu search engine is one of Baidu’s products. It engages in the provision of Chinese internet search and online marketing solutions. is the go-to-search engine in China.

How many people use Baidu search engine

Top 3 Chinese online search engine

The top 3 and largest online search engine websites in China are it’s,, Since Google search retreated from China in 2010, Baidu became the largest Chinese internet search provider. Baidu search engine still keeps around 80% of shares in the Chinese search engine market., China largest search engine
Baidu search engine, top 3 leading search websites in China

Baidu search engine user statistics

Baidu search engine includes a PC website and a mobile App. According to the Baidu statistics, the App traffic of Baidu search has been steadily growing over the past few years, since the popularization of smart phones in China. The number of monthly active users of Baidu App records 628 million till 2nd quarter 2022 and up 8% on year. Baidu has around 218 million daily active users of its mobile App and around 104 million daily active users on PC.

How to use Baidu search engine English

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine. Most Chinese Information can be found on But how can you use Baidu search if you are a non-Chinese language user you may wonder? It’s absolutely easy. We recommend to use the automatic translation of the Google Chrome browser. You can just change the language in the Chrome settings. It automatically translates the content of the Chinese website into English or your native language. Although its accuracy may not be perfect, it can help you to understand most of the Chinese content. 

What products and services Baidu provides

Baidu company has a huge and complete development ecosystem. Baidu’s products and services are involved in multi-industries in China, e.g. Baidu search, Baidu news, Baidu map, Baidu video, Haokan video, iQiyi video, Baidu image, Baidu music, Baidu translation, Baidu Wiki, Baidu knowledge, Baidu experience, Bai jia hao, Baidu tieba, Baidu cloud drive, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Union, Baidu B2B platform, Baidu game, Baidu statistic, Baidu driving, Baidu AI, Baidu education, Baidu healthcare and finance service solutions, etc. They all are integrated into the Baidu search engines business ecosystem.

Why choose Baidu advertising for your business

Since China has a huge population and consumption capacity, it is a burgeoning marketplace for business and one which many more international businesses are tapping into each year. Many business opportunities await here. If you are interested in growing your business in China, then there are a number of things you should know about, particularly online Baidu search engine.
Baidu search engine approximately has 80% of the Chinese market shares and 97% Chinese users. None of the competitors can reach this level in China. It’s similar to the situation with Google in Western countries. Baidu has more than 600 million active users on smart phones, which equates a huge audience for your products or services.

Baidu search engine gives great conveniences to Chinese users. If you want to know or check something in China, you can always find some related information on Baidu search. It’s reported that Baidu search engine indexed over 800 million web pages and most are websites with Chinese content. If you would like to have a perfect performance for your online business in China, you should not neglect Baidu search or Baidu advertising.
Online search advertising has by far the largest reach in China. The Baidu advertising is not only targeted to PC users, but it also has access to mobile users. You can customize your Baidu advertising plans with multi-strategies to reach out to your potential Chinese customers

How to use Baidu advertising to grow your business

Baidu search engine marketing

Baidu search engine marketing refers to a marketing method that relies on Baidu search engine to display and promote the top five search results pages of Baidu as information displayed and promoted by advertisers, and convert users with relevant search needs into customers.
Baidu search engine marketing advantages:
(1) Users generate search behaviors based on the premise of demands. Such users are more purposeful, and the content of Baidu search engine marketing is exactly in line with their intentions, which can effectively attract users’ attention, then generate click consultation, and even purchasing behavior.
(2) The coverage of Baidu search engine marketing is relatively wide, which can cover more than 85% of Chinese users and ensure the display of advertisements. Paying costs according to performance can help advertisers to control their advertising costs and only pay for potential users who clicked on the Baidu ads.  

Disadvantages of Baidu search engine marketing:
(1) More and more companies are advertising on Baidu search engine, and only 5 advertising slots are displayed on one page, resulting in higher expenses. The unit price of clicks is getting higher and higher.
(2) Baidu search engine marketing requires a sufficient account budget, so that the ranking will be relatively stable. If the account budget is insufficient, the ranking will disappear immediately.

Baidu information flow promotion

Baidu information flow promotion is another marketing method. Advertisements are distributed on Baidu’s main platform in the original form of information content, and displayed to relevant users through precise positioning technology, so as to obtain potential customers for advertisers, and then convert them into customers.
Advantages of Baidu information flow promotion:
(1) The information flow advertising platform is diversified, and can be placed on Baidu APP, Baidu homepage, Baidu post, Baidu mobile browser and other platforms, which can fully cover various users and effectively reach potential users.
(2) The most amazing part of Baidu information flow promotion is that it can achieve thousands of advertisements. According to the intelligent delivery of Baidu big data, it is quite considerate for many advertisers. It can intelligently deliver advertisements for users according to the user’s intention, and accurately match users with ads.

Disadvantages of Baidu information flow promotion:
(1) The AI tags are not very accurate. Many people searched for the products before, so they were interested in this kind of products, but not necessarily now. And it is easy to push the advertisements to competitors because people will often see advertisements in the whole industry, and Baidu will think that it is pushed to the right crowd.
(2) The information flow is relatively less accurate than Baidu search engine marketing.

Baidu search brand marketing

Baidu search brand marketing zone is a marketing method specially created for corporate brands, which allows users to understand the company in the most convenient way and enhance its brand image. When the user searches, it will appear in the first display slot in the search results, and it will be displayed in the form of pictures. It allows users to understand the company in the most convenient way in a short period of time. It can fully display the strength of the company and the image of the brand, effectively enhancing the brand awareness and obtain accurate users.

Advantages of Baidu marketing for brands:
(1) Advertisers can choose a monthly or annual payment method. During the brand promotion period, they will only be charged according to the contract price, regardless of the number of user impressions and click-through rates. During the brand promotion time, as long as the user touches the keyword of the brand, it can be displayed to the users in the first display slot of the search page, attracting the user’s interaction.
(2) This is suitable for brand marketing with a certain reputation, because the cost is relatively expensive. If the brand awareness is low and the user search popularity is not high, it is not recommended to use the brand marketing method.

 Disadvantages of Baidu Brand Zone Promotion:
(1) The price of Baidu marketing for brands is high, which is not cost-effective for ordinary enterprises, and the cost performance is not high.
(2) For many users, they do not know the meaning of brand advertisements displayed here, so a large part of them cannot play their brand value.

Baidu B2B marketplace marketing

Baidu B2B marketplace ( is a vertical B2B platform under the Baidu search engine, similar to the platform. It provides users with a large number of high-quality suppliers and is a trading platform that connects manufacturers and clients.
Advantages of Baidu B2B marketplace:
(1) Displaying products to users in the most intuitive way, being able to communicate directly with potential users, directly quoting and displaying products. It is also conducive to increase the amount of orders and transactions fast. 
(2) Baidu B2B marketplace platform provides two marketing methods: procurement promotion and member of authenticated company. Among them, procurement promotion is charged according to bidding ranking, and member of authenticated company is charged on an annual basis.

Disadvantages of Baidu B2B marketplace:
(1) In Baidu B2B marketplace, it belongs to secondary traffic, and the traffic loss is very serious.
(2) Baidu B2B marketplace needs to directly indicate the price of the product or service, which will lead to serious on price comparison, and it is not very friendly to some advertisers who have no price advantage.

Baidu knowledge marketing

Baidu’s knowledge marketing is that advertisers answer users’ questions about their own brands or products, and display the search results generated by the Q&A page on Baidu’s “Know Search Results” page and “Know Details” page.
Advantages of Baidu Knowledge Marketing:
(1) The platform for Baidu knowledge marketing – Baidu Knows, is the world’s largest Chinese interactive Q&A platform with relatively large traffic.
(2) It is easier to obtain user click-through rates in the form of soft advertisements in the form of questions and answers, strengthen interaction with users, and establish a brand image more easily.

How we help you with Baidu search engine marketing

Baidu search engine marketing (SEM, Baidu PPC, Baidu ads)

There are many different reasons to launch Baidu PPC (Pay per click) campaigns. Reasons may be for sales, multi-channel sales strategy, getting traffic on your website, you name it. Depending on your goal, we can work out a marketing strategy and website optimization for Baidu advertising, to reach the Chinese audience in general.

We will do a deep dive into marketing research and analyze how your business fits into the Chinese market and what the Chinese business in your field looks like, before we start with the search engine marketing. After this is done, we design and optimize your Chinese website for the Baidu search engine and Chinese advertisement strategy. Of course we will help you to open a Baidu advertising account and run Baidu PPC campaigns.

Furthermore we will then analyse and maximize your Baidu advertising PPC campaigns to ensure a cost-efficient investment in Baidu search engine advertising marketing, so that you will reach your goal.

Baidu Search engine optimization (Baidu SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of internet marketing and belongs to passive marketing. SEO is the most effective way to deliver targeted content (ads, products, brands) to target audiences.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can make it easier for search engines to identify and categorize your website, while making your keywords rank higher, making it easier for your customers to find your website and products, and increasing the visibility of your website. SEO is an online marketing method with a high return on internet investment. Search engine optimization is to analyze the actual needs of users to feed the needs of potential audiences.

baidu search engine seo
Baidu search engine optimization, SEO

Eubiz’s digital marketing mix strategy

Eubiz company is a highly effective Chinese digital marketing agency, assisting international clients to develop Chinese businesses. Besides Baidu search engine marketing, we also provide a marketing mix strategy to meet the partner’s goals, e.g. Chinese content marketing, video marketing, social media, Chinese e-commerce, brand advertising, Chinese KOL or celebrity endorsement, and more marketing strategies to grow the clients’ business in China.
Our goal is helping customers spend less and get maximum benefit !

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