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Tmall and Taobao

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Both of Tmall and Taobao ecommerce websites are operated by Alibaba Group. Tmall was founded in 2012 and Ranked 6 in global website by Alexa. It has averaged 90 million active users per day. Tmall integrates thousands of brands and manufacturers to provide a one-stop B2C solution between merchants and customers. It provides 100% quality-guaranteed items, 7 day after sales service with no reasons to return of China e-commerce service.

Taobao is Rank 7 in global websites, and founded in 2003, as China’s largest ecommerce platform, it has around 500 million registered users and recently average 57 million users per day visiting taobao. The daily number of listed items has exceeded 800 million and average 48,000 items are sold per minute on Taobao. All transcation on Tmall and Taobao both are safety and guaranteed by Alipay.

What’s the difference between Tmall and Taobao websites

As the largest China e-commerce platforms, Tmall is focused on B2C(Business to Customer) sales mode but Taobao is more like C2C (Customer to Customer) sales mode. Tmall requires that their sellers are qualited brand owners or manufacturers and Taobao allows individuals sellers, retailers, and wholesalers to list freely items and sell almost everything directly to buyers.

And Taobao website is accessable to Tmall items and sellers. So, Chinese customers can buy any items on taobao, from clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, food, beverages, electronics, furniture, gardening, decorations, toys, gifts, books, medicine, cars, services, property, etc. almost everything you can think of.

How big is the Chinese e-commerce market

The reveal of China e-commerce market inaugurated a new era of the China’s economy. In 2020, the added value of the digital economy accounted for more than 38% of the China’s GDP. In the same year, nearly a quarter of China’s physical goods retail sales were sold online, far above the global average of 18%.

China contributed to more than half of the world’s e-commerce retail sales in 2021, with the sales value surpassing the combined total of Europe and the United States. Today, China has the largest digital buyer population in the world, amounting to more than 780 million online buyers.

Top 5 chinese e-commerce platforms

China e-Commerce Service

The chinese e-commerce market has the need for a lot of imported brand products. If you are intereseted as an international merchant to sell your products via Chinese ecommerce platforms and approach hundreds of millions of Chinese customers, we can help you to succeed and tailor a series of marketing stategries for the Chinese retail market to your needs based on your products.

If you work in the online retail industry, Chinese ecommerce should not be ignored. If you are interested in the Chinese market, we would love to learn about your business. Just write us a message to start.

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