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Brand Strategy Digital Marketing in China

The process of brand marketing (BM), in fact, the enterprise to target market demand as the goal, efforts to create and spread the process of the product or service brand image, shaping and spread the customer’s brand image in mind, and similar products form segments, is the main task of the brand marketing, is the most effective, guided by the market as the core of marketing strategy, it’s brand marketing.

Brand marketing is like a process of interpersonal communication, from customer cognition – acceptance. After presenting the brand to people, they will be attracted by the high-quality brand information and service, thus accepting the products and willing to pay for it.

What are the trends of brand strategy marketing?

If you want to do a good job in brand marketing, you must understand the direction of brand marketing, only with the trends, in order to take advantage of the trends and advances. There are 3 trends for references.

1. Cross-border cooperation to generate new effects.
At the moment when marketing innovation is becoming more and more difficult, brand cross-border cooperation has affected the whole marketing industry in recent years, which is favored by people, and also makes many brands enter the people’s sights and become deeply popular.

2. People-oriented, to create the extreme experience for users
The essence of a product is to serve people, and user experience is very important. In the real experience of users, a more resonant story scene should be constructed to impress users.

3. Combine data and brand marketing deeply
Era of big data, the relationship between data and brand marketing become ever more closely, a lot of platforms have user data analysis, this is also needed to know some with our brand marketing, we can analyse from the data to the user’s needs, portrait, needs recognition, customized to undertake originality, transformation, customer life cycle management. The efficiency of the whole brand marketing section is improved, and the marketing loop is more smoothly reached.
Brand strategy marketing is divided into three sections: differentiation, vividness and humanization.

Brand strategy

Brand marketing strategy in China

1. Differentiation of brand strategy

We believe that no matter what the nature of differentiation is, competitors and customers should be fully considered on the basis of comprehensive marketing resources. Because the fundamental purpose of adopting differentiation strategy is to create a stronger advantage than the opponent and win the recognition of customers to the maximum extent. From this point of view, our understanding of it is relatively clear, and its forms include:

Brand positioning differentiation: It mainly includes brand strategy positioning, industry role (competition orientation), etc.

Implement differentiation of marketing brand strategy: It mainly includes differentiation of customer communication mode (demand-oriented) and differentiation of marketing execution system, mechanism and personnel allocation (competition-oriented).

Personality differentiation: It mainly includes product packaging, additional services, brand personality differences (demand-oriented) and brand name, role, selling point and other differences (competition-oriented).

2. Vividness of brand strategy

The vividness emphasized by dynamic brand strategy marketing means that all the promotion means, methods and modes of products or services should come out of excessive commercial promotion. From the perspective of national participation, it emphasizes fun, entertainment and interaction, integrates personality into liveliness, and attracts input in ease. Meanwhile, it maintains coordination and consistency and increases understanding and friendship in communication. In the past, many enterprises, in the name of making profits and benefiting the people, often came to a big deal, such as free, gift, award and so on, the name is very loud, but very few people responded, even if someone participated, it is nothing more than a little benefit you promised, gather together a lively. 

For the promotion of product brand sales, in addition to life and money, nothing. On the contrary, some meaningful public welfare activities that are popular with the public, not big ones, but small ones that are easy to operate and diversified, such as the collection of advertising terms, essays, calligraphy works and life speeches related to the theme of the product, can quickly improve the popularity and reputation of the product. Maximum effect at minimum cost.

3. Humanization of brand strategy

Dynamic brand marketing emphasizes that product marketing should be carried out around the theme of humanization and family affection from the beginning to the end, changing “invite in” to “go out”. Previous companies are also often called after-sales service, regular tracking return visit regularly, but, like this kind of means of communication through the phones, far cannot satisfy the consumers more and more captious psychology. It is also difficult to achieve information receiving and feedback on both sides of the dynamic balance. 

But going into the consumer side to listen to their voices with the communication, affection, it does not only meet the psychological needs of consumers, also meets their spiritual needs. Once these two sections are balanced and satisfied. Do you still worry that they won’t become loyal customers of the product?

In practice, the dynamic brand marketing is not just to build the system of its own internal core competition by differentiation, more vividness and through external aspects of human nature to show and extension of the added value of products and the emotional effect in the cultural connotation. To achieve the two sides recognize the unification of the balance between inside and outside, broaden the living space is possible. We know that brand marketing is a kind of behavior process, it needs to perform to deduce the effect, only in the dynamic exchange can realize the double harvest of efficiency and benefit.

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