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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Chinese Business

1. China has the largest population, huge quanity demanded, great business chances;
2. China has a various types of manufacturers and perfect supply chain resources;
3. China has high level of automation, logistics delivery fast, low manufacturing costs;
4. China has countless high education technicians, millions of college graduates every year;
5. China has lower labour costs, much low than the most western and east Asian countries;
6. China’s economy grows steadily and fast, business environment and investment policy stable.

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In recent years, China’s investment opportunities have captured the minds of investors. According to the report that, China’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth has annual averaged around 9.2% since 1978. And it has about 18.25% of the world’s population as of 2021.

China urbanization has led to China’s impressive economic growth since 2000, and it will continue to urbanize. China has spent 30 years of economic reform for China’s population to move from rural to urban, and it’s expected that China has another 20 years or more of urbanization ahead of it.

Shenzhen is a typical case of urbanization in China. It was a smaller fish village in 30 years ago. And now, it became a high-tech megacity with more than 13 million population. The GDP of Shenzhen has reached around USD 476 billion in 2021. This is even more than many western countries.

As people changing from living an agrarian lifestyle to an urbanized one, a lot has to happen. Cities need to be developed and built, which requires growth in infrastructure, commerce, and other services.

China is the 2nd largest global economic hub after America without doubt and an investors’ paradise. It’s started with its economic reforms of the 1980s, the country has been experiencing exponential growth that makes it the perfect environment for your businesses that want to expand and develop globally.

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Choose the best agency to help your Chinese Business

While the Chinese government has made a lot of effort into supporting businesses, we must indicate that registering a company or branch office in China is not a simple task. From the interpretation of the company laws to preparing the required paperworks, the process can be overwhelming. But this should not stop your resolve to expand to China. The best option is cooperated with an agency.

Eubiz Ltd, we run by professionals have helped many international investors with company registration in China. So, we know the best steps that you should follow, and the mistakes to avoid. You will complete the registration faster, professionally, and enjoy every step work with us.

In addition to helping you with company incorporation in China, we will also come to assist you with the following:
Recruit employees
Rent office
Tax advise
Tax minimization methods
Support for the annual financial statements
Brand advertising
Digital marketing

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