top 10 Chinese e-commerce platforms

Top 10 Chinese E-commerce Platforms

With the rapid development of economy and Internet technology, online shopping has become the mainstream consumption mode of consumers. At present, there are more and more Chinese e-commerce platforms, and the network use has become a trend of contemporary people. Therefore, many merchants in the market have begun to build their own Chinese e-commerce websites. Then,

What are the top 10 Chinese e-commerce websites?


Taobao is one of the top 10 public listed companies in China by Alibaba Group in May 2003 domain in the party’s welcome online retail platform, with nearly 500 million users, with the expansion of scale and the increase of the number of users, has become one of the world’s larger e-commerce trading platform.


Tmall is a professional online comprehensive platform for shopping and a quality shopping mall favored by global shoppers. It was founded in January 2012 and created a world record of 10 billion yuan in sales in 13 hours on The Double 11 Day (11 Nov.) of 2012 and it reached 540.3 billion yuan (around USD85.6 billion) on the Double 11 Day in 2021. On February 19, 2014, Tmall International was officially launched to provide original imported products for Chinese customers.


JD (JingDong) is a self-operated Chinese e-commerce enterprise in China, which was officially listed on NASDAQ in May 2014. It is also a well-known comprehensive B2C shopping platform in China, enjoying its business with fast delivery speed and guarantee of genuine products. The business of the company has covered retail, digital technology, logistics, technical service and health.

4. Pinduoduo App

It’s founded in April 2015, Pinduoduo is the first mobile Chinese e-commerce platform with merchant sale mode. It is also the largest agricultural products ascending platform in China. With the operation of good products and the subsidy of tens of billion yuan, Pinduoduo has created a new record in the scale and duration of activities in China’s mobile e-commerce industry.


Suning is a fortune 500 company founded in 1990. Its business extensively covers the needs of consumers. At present, Suning has more than 13,000 innovative Internet stores, ranking the forefront of the domestic physic stores.

6. is positioned as a website specializing in special sales, offering new products every day, providing one-stop quality shopping experience for consumers with a discount of 10% and a fun and fast sale mode. Vip shop cooperates with well-known brand agents and manufacturers in domestic and overseas to provide high-quality and popular authentic brands at low prices to Chinese buyers. There are 100 brand authorized sales every day, including fashion, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, bags, home supplies, leather, perfume, mother and baby supplies, etc.

7. (NetEase Kaola)

NetEase is a cross-border business platform under NetEase’s comprehensive e-commerce. Kaola offers 100% genuine products, low prices every day, fast delivery and quick returns in 7 days. Provide consumers a purchase channel with overseas goods. It helps customers live a better life with less spending.

8. Little red book (Xiaohongshu)

Xiaohongshu is one of the top 10 social networking Apps in China, which was founded in 2013. Users can mark their lives through short videos or texts. The little red book, finding all the good stuff in the world is the slogan of the brand.

Red xiaohongshu Chinese e-commerce website

9. (NetEaseYan Xuan)

NetEase Yan Xuan is a NetEase self-run household brand mode, always adhere to the good life, not so expensive brand concept. At present, the items of NetEase Yan Xuan are already covered 10 categories. It’s aiming to provide consumers with good prices, good products and good service.

10. Xianyu App

Xianyu App is produced by Alibaba Group. It’s created for a trade platform of second-hand and unused items and integrated with taobao and Alipay accounts. Users can sell their used or secondhand items on this App.

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