China relies on import semiconductor chip

China Relies Heavily Top 3 Import Products

The first import products – Chips

The chips are used from mobile phones to computers. This can be said that the role of the chips is very import. Without chips, a lot of electronic products could not be done. Although China is stepping up its research on chips, it has to be said that Chinese chips and the industry are still in the low-end of the world. Only some low-end chips can be manufactured, but high-end chips are hard to store well and need import products to solve these issues.

China import products circuit board chips
Import products, chipsets

The second import products – Medical equipment

Although China’s medical level is improving day by day, Germany, Japan and other countries still have a lot of medical equipment to import, because some high-precision instruments can not only rely on China’s manufacturing level, which is also the gap between China and other developed countries, the sense of innovation needs to be further strengthened.

The third import products – Car engines

Although the design and body work of Chinese-made cars are constantly improving and making rapid progress, China’s manufacturing industry still cannot have independent production conditions for those auto engines, the core technology of the engines will not be taught by foreign countries, so China has to rely on imported engines to make up for it.

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