Top 10 China imports

What’s the China Top 10 Imports

According to the latest data,

1. Industrial products

in terms of industrial products, China top 10 imports are: Iron and steel, automobile engines, instruments and meters, integrated circuits, electronic components, primary shape materials, display panels, system and chip, aircraft, and medical products.

2. Aricultural products

In terms of agricultural products, China top 10 imports are beef, soybeans, corn, vegetable oil, rice, cotton, frozen poultry, wheat, pork and vegetable oil.

In fact, China itself is a big agricultural country. Although it can be self-sufficient in food, this is not enough because of too many people. China still needs to import many agricultural products to meet consumer demand. According to the data from soya shows that China imports about 10 million tons of soybeans a year. It’s absolutely the world’s largest importer of soybeans. It’s very common that soybean oil, tofu, soybean milk, soy sauce, and many Chinese food are made from soybeans in China.

China top 10 imports

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